Friday, July 9, 2010

Bring on the Weekend

All day yesterday I thought it was Friday and was soooo excited about today (which is really tomorrow) until Cynthia Eden kindly pointed out I was going out of my mind, lol. Okay, she didn't say that at all. She just told me what day it really was. *Sigh* For some reason this week has been really screwy. I was feeling under the weather the fist part of the week so that's probably why. Tomorrow is my second GCC chapter meeting and I'm really excited. The first one I met a lot of people and it was so much fun so I'm looking forward to this upcoming one. I really love my old chapter but there's definitely something to be said for southern hospitality. People here are just so insanely nice sometimes it makes me pause. That would be one of the big pros about living here :)

As my last reminder, Lisa Marie Rice is still blogging at Desert Island Keepers. Today she's sharing her five DIKs (Desert Island Keepers) and tomorrow she's sharing an excerpt from her upcoming book from Avon Red, Into the Crossfire. Also, today she's giving away a copy of Dangerous Passion and tomorrow, Dangerous Secrets. And if you missed yesterday, there's still time to enter to win a copy of Dangerous Lover (which features the hottest alpha male of all time!)

Now I'm off to get some serious editing done! What are your plans for the weekend?


Lisa said...

Busy weekend ahead for the Sanchez crew. Tomorrow is our cheer fundraiser. We'll be bbq'ing, playing poker and hanging out with fun people. Sunday is going to be spent recovering, lol!

Kaylea Cross said...

Have fun at your meeting! And if I don't win Dangerous Lover, I'll have to make sure I buy a copy this week to distract myself. The funeral events are all this weekend and finishes Monday. I'm just dreading it!