Monday, July 26, 2010

Yay for Monday!

I'm so glad it's Monday! Wait, did I actually say that? My husband needed help with research this weekend for one of his school projects so that's what we did most of Saturday and all of Sunday. Boring research! And not even the kind that will help me with writing. As a rule I actually kinda like the research aspect of things but this dealt with data, statistics (blech!) and a bunch of other nonsense that was coma-inducing. At least he's finally got what he needs to finish his paper though.

Since that took up the majority of my fun-filled weekend I didn't get much writing done. A bit of editing but nothing new made it onto the pages. We took a break on Saturday to see Salt and even though the man didn't want to like the movie, he did! (He grudgingly admitted it at the end.) There wasn't much dialogue, a lot of action, and there were some very small things I noted after the movie that tied in to the plot and main character that were well done. They all added to some surprisingly complex layering. Since it would be impossible to mention any of it without giving away spoilers, I'll save that for another blog when the movie has been out for a while. Did you see it this weekend? What did you think?

How was your weekend?


December said...

I didn't see it. Probably wait for the DVD.
My weekend was pretty low key, lots of shopping for RWA, printing out confirmations, reservation #s, and such

Kaylea Cross said...

Glad you both liked it ;) I'll have to take hubby out on a date this week and see it.

That's too bad about the research being boring. I would've said it could never be boring, but then you mentioned statistics and I now fully understand, lol.

Lisa said...

Yay for going to the movies!

My weekend was pretty darn busy. The hubby and I worked a cheer camp and the rest of the time I spent packing for my upcoming conference.

Terry Odell said...

We did "rural living" stuff this weekend--Saturday we went to the Florissant Firehouse pancake breakfast and roamed their small craft fair at the Grange Hall. I can't believe I'm living someplace where they have a Grange Hall--even if it's not our town, but the next one up.

Sunday, daughter biked up and we went to breakfast at a favorite coffee house. Of course, her bike ride was 45 miles and up the winding mountainous highway 24 from Colorado Springs to Divide.

Today, the contractors got the last bits of the kitchen functioning, so we went down to Woodland Park and bought food. Lots of food. So nice to have stove, sink and dishwasher all operational. And it looks great, too!

My mom saw Salt--she didn't care for it
Writing? Tomorrow. :-)