Friday, September 24, 2010

Cover Love

Want to see my alter ego's new cover? Check out the Naughty Author Chicks blog then.

The weekend plans include writing, editing, and lots of cleaning. My house is pretty bad right now! I'm actually surprised the man hasn't gone into revolt. I'll also be working on a pitch for when I attend my first conference! The Moonlight and Magnolias conference is next weekend and I'm very excited. Two friends I haven't seen in a while will be there and we're sharing a room so I know it'll be fun. My agent's partner will also be there so I hope I get to meet her. And I love the keynote speaker, Allison Brennan. The whole pitch thing has me a little freaked out. I have no problem writing queries. In fact, I sort of love writing query blurbs. But condensing my whole plot into a really short synopsis then repeating it out loud to an editor? I'm shuddering at the thought. Any tips from you pitching pros?

Have a great weekend!

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Chudney Thomas said...

Lol Katie you'll be fine. But I promise to make you practice lots.