Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm Back!

Technically I was back home yesterday but I was too tired to blog. The Moonlight & Magnolias conference last weekend was really good, though I don't know if I'd do it again. The Saturday workshop with Michael Hauge was amazing though. If you're a writer and ever have a chance to attend, I hope you do. I got back on Sunday and thanks to the fabulous Manda Collins, the drive seemed uber short. I haven't known her that long and when traveling with someone for the first time I'm always a bit nervous. She likes to travel the same way I do so it was all good. Only gas/bathroom stops but nothing else. :)

As soon as I got back, I had to catch up on laundry, repack, and head to New Orleans the next day. My CP's husband planned a big surprise anniversary trip for them and I was part of the surprise. Her shocked face when she saw me was priceless. She (Kaylea Cross) was sitting in Jackson Square when I showed up and blinked a few times until she realized what was going on. I spent two days with them and they're so much fun. We did a couple tours and the geek in me had a blast! The ghost tour was more of a history tour and I hope to blog about a couple of the stories I heard because they're interesting if a bit gruesome. They'll be staying with us tomorrow night so I still have to clean the house. The man isn't exactly messy but he's not tidy either (even though he claims he is!!). I came home to loads of clothes that need to be put up and a bunch of dishes. Ah, fun stuff.

Ooh, while in NO I stayed at the Crescent City Guest house and while their website isn't much to look at, I loved the place. Even though it was right on the outskirts of the French Quarter, as a woman traveling alone, I felt completely safe walking the two blocks to the main downtown area. I promise to blog about it and the tours later! I finally understand why so many paranormal authors place their stories in New Orleans! :)

Now I really do have a lot of stuff to catch up on! Saturday I'll be joining Cynthia Eden's Halloween month long blog party and giving away a book from my back list so if you get a chance, stop by!


Terry Odell said...

Oh, I can so relate. Got back from the Writers' Police Academy with barely time to decompress and regroup before heading off to Seattle for the Emerald City Conference (where I had to do a presentation, so that added to the stress level). Had a great time afterward spending 2 days with my BFF from Jr. Hi. But now that I'm home, I feel so far behind. And just a little guilty for spending time blog crawling when I'm sure there's laundry waiting. Not to mention a manuscript.

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Kaylea Cross said...

I had such a blast spending time with you in NO :) I've got some priceless photos that hubby took of me seeing you in Jackson Square, so as soon as I get home I'll send them to you. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! xo