Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Days of Danger & Secrets!

I've been out of town so I apologize for the silence this past week. Thankfully the month of February won't be silent at all!

Just a quick reminder that starting tomorrow I have a fun lineup of wonderful authors the rest of this week! Tomorrow Cynthia Eden will be joining us and she'll be giving away a copy of her hot new release, Deadly Heat!

She'll be followed by Naima Simone, Carolyn Crane, Inez Kelley, and Caridad Pineiro!! All fave authors of mine! If you haven't read these authors you'll have a chance to get to know them very soon :)


Caryn said...

What fun! I looked at your lineup in the next post and, wow! This is going to be a great month. :-)

Lea said...

Sounds like great fun Katie!