Monday, January 10, 2011

Ah, Sweet Lover

That's what my Kindle has become! For Christmas my husband got me the Kindle and I absolutely LOVE it! It came in a couple weeks early and he wasn't home when it was delivered so... I opened it early and I haven't been able to put it down since. It's so slim and compact so I take it everywhere. Since I've been going to a lot more doctors appointments lately I've been getting plenty of reading done in the waiting room.

I have a Sony reader that I got years ago and in comparison, it's only okay. The wireless option of the Kindle is awesome and I love being able to download books without worrying about hooking up my ereader to my computer. With the Kindle, I can download anywhere I can find a wireless connection (which isn't hard) so it's doubly nice if I'm traveling. In addition, Amazon is always offering free books. Technically I think it's the publishers but I like that when a big author has a new release, they'll often offer one or more of their books for free via the Kindle for a limited time. I've discovered a few authors that way and I've been able to download some of my favorite authors' back list books. And it's something I haven't found that Sony offers (though I could be wrong).

So far, I think my favorite application is the ability to separate my books by genre. I've got about 10 genre separations and while the classification system still needs some tweaking (they don't alphabetize the books by author or title so with a big collection I imagine it's annoying) it's very nice to be able to file all paranormal or erotic romance books together.

I know so many people who got the Kindle for Christmas. Do you have one? What do you think of it? Or do you have another ereader?


Kaylea Cross said...

Oh you lucky girl! I've got a Sony, but I hate having to hook it up to my computer to transfer the download, plus we have trouble getting some titles up here in Canada due to copyright law. We can get them in paperback, but not in digital. Go figure, eh?

I'm thinking of upgrading to a Kindle soon. Very soon. This past weekend I read for the first time in forever. Knocked off three single titles and a novella, and loved every minute of it. I've got one more Cherise Sinclair Masters of the Shadowlands books to read (the first one, actually). Man, that woman can write! Her stuff is super intense and isn't for everyone, but once you try her you'll be hooked. Don't say I didn't warn you :)

Tracy said...

Congratulations! I can't live without my ereader so I understand not being able to put it down. Enjoy!