Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Fun in a Secret

I’d like to thank Katie for having me here today! I love the idea behind her new book, DANGEROUS SECRETS.

Secrets make for intriguing, suspenseful stories. But I’ve found the reason behind the secret is almost always more interesting than the secret itself. If the hero’s an uber-soldier masquerading as an accountant, the why of this is the fun part. Speaking of fun, there are three reasons we like secrets in stories.

The first reason is that if someone has a secret, they often end up in bizarre situations trying to protect that secret. Take the last season of Friends when Chandler and Monica began dating but didn’t want anyone to know. I remember a funny scene where Joey walked in on Chandler in a bubble bath, because Monica ducked under the water. Good thing the woman didn’t drown.

Or even better, the season on Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Spike meets Buffy’s mom and realizes the woman doesn’t know Buffy’s true calling. When Joyce asks Buffy who Spike is, Buffy lies and says they’re in a band together. Joyce asks Spike what he does, and he deadpans, “Well…I sing.”

The second reason is that secrets give us insight into our characters.  Why didn’t Monica want anyone
to know about her relationship with Chandler? Was it because she was afraid of what they’d think?
Or maybe it was because she’d shared the details of all her former relationships with the whole gang…and
those never worked out. Holding this close to the vest might have been Monica’s way of saying…hey,
this is the guy.

The final reason is that no matter how hard a person tries, the secret always comes out. This big reveal is often the climax of a story, the good stuff, the moment we’ve been building toward since page one. My heroine in FATED is an empath, a fact she tried to keep secret her entire life. She even tries to convince herself that she’s not gifted. But she pretty much has to not only accept who she is but reveal her secret to save herself, which not only frees her but shows her trust in the hero.

The truth always comes out.

If you want to check out an excerpt of FATED, you can find me on the web at:

I’d love to give away one copy of FATED to a commenter today. So, do secrets always come out?


Jillian said...

Now I know I really can't wait for this one. I'm an empath and I also kept it quiet for a long time. We really do exist and I'm intrigued to see your take on it. Happy release day on Tues!!

Rebecca said...

Hi Jillian! I think many attorneys - especially those good in trial - have a gift of empathy or intuition. Thanks for dropping by today!

ChrisS said...

Hi Katie and Rebeccca. Keeping secrets can be emotionally as well as physically draining. Unfortunately, I don't believe all all secrets come out even though I think it's healthier and renewing if they do.

Congratulations to you both on your new books!

Heather said...

Secrets are delicious! How did you decide when to reveal your characters' secrets (or whether to reveal them at all)?

I can't wait to get my hot little hands of Fated!

Brande said...

Secrets are juicy for a reason! And I think that is why they are hard to keep and aways come out!


rfirasek said...

I'm a big fan of a good secret. But, imo it's super hard to keep them a secret. My momma said, "if you have a secret and share it, it's not a secret anymore." Hmmm...brilliant advice I think.

Cathy M said...

It's wicked hard for me to keep a secret, and even if I hold on to it for awhile, in the end, it always comes out.

caity_mack@yahoo dot com

Stephanie said...

Secrets always come out. Someone will tell or it will eat someone inside so that they feel like the guilt makes them tell the secret.

smccar1 at hotmail dot com

Rebecca said...

Hi Chris! I totally agree about how draining a secret can be. Thanks for dropping by today. :)

Hi Heather - thanks so much! The hero in FATED pretty much drew the secret out of the heroine...and then had to deal with the consequences. :)

Rebecca said...

Brande: Good point! Those secrets usually wind into reality.

rfirasek: Your Momma is brilliant! Good quote. :)

Hi Cathy M! I agree! And have a wonderful weekend!

Rebecca said...

Stephanie: I think you make an excellent point about does go hand in hand with secrets. :)

Danielle Gorman said...

Yes, secrets always come out. It might take awhile before they do. And they may come out to someone else but they always come out.

donnas said...

I think they do. Either accidentally or because it just gets to be too much.

Fated sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Sarah said...

Yes, secrets always come out - you can't act natural when you're trying to hide something!

smaccall @

Diane said...

In my experience they always do; so it's better to not have any!

Shannon said...

Secrets, the really deep dark family type rarely come out till people are dying or passed. But the other kind. the ones that you don't want people to know because knowing would get you in a pot of hot water always get found out by the wrong person. It's why I try hide anything about me from anyone, an open book is a better policy :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Danielle! I agree...those secrets eventually spill. Even decades late. :)

Hi Donnas! Thanks so much for dropping by today.

Sarah: Yeah, it's hard to act normal when your mind is on acting normal. :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Diane! It's fun to have a good secret once in planning a surprise party. Maybe. :)

Hi Shannon! Yeah, I'm the open book type too. Have a great weekend!

Katie Reus said...

Sorry I'm late, Rebecca! I haven't had internet access the past day and a half! Thanks for joining me and the awesome post on secrets. :)