Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm alive!

Sorry I've been so quiet the past week. I promise I have a good reason(s)! After talking to my new editor with NAL about next years first release (still so excited!!), I officially received my edits for book #1 in the trilogy and while they're not scary, they're intense. My world building needs to be improved upon so I've been busy with that, but I've also been working on something else. Some of you know because I mentioned it on another forum, but like so many others I also decided to dip my toes in the world of 'Indie publishing' or 'self publishing' (whatever you want to call it), something I never thought I'd do. But when I see authors I respect like Shiloh Walker, Kristen Painter, and Kate Pearce who are e-published and NY published trying it out, it makes me pay attention. I like the idea of being diversified and having more control over content and more importantly, pricing. Note: I just saw this...according to this very recent article, it looks like Connie Brockway is also trying out some non-traditional means for her next two full length historicals. Interesting article you might want to check out :)

So why have I been so quiet other than being submerged in grueling edits? Publishing a story through the major online distributors was more time consuming than I thought because of specific formatting for each house. Since my novella, Killer Secrets, is now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I figured it was okay to announce my new venture. It's also available through Smashwords which will eventually distribute it to Sony, Diesel, Kobo, and Apple but I'm still waiting for my premium status approval from SW. I'll also be publishing it through ARe, but until then Killer Secrets is officially available!

If you do happen to check it out, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that you get a preview of the first chapter from Cynthia Eden's new paranormal novella, BOUND BY BLOOD. I don't believe it's officially out from Amazon, B&N, etc. yet but it should be up in the next week or so. We did an excerpt exchange for our new releases and let me tell you, her story promises to be super hot!

Without any further rambling from me.... Killer Secrets, a novella length romantic suspense...

Journalist Eve Newman stumbles across the murder of a prominent member of her west Texas town and finds herself the target of a shadowy killer. When the body goes missing and the police don't believe she saw it happen, she turns to the only man in town she can trust; her deceased brother's best friend.

Former Marine, Macklin Quinn, has been half in love with Eve since they were kids, but he's always considered her off-limits. When she turns to him for help he can't send her away. Within twenty-four hours it's clear she's in trouble and someone wants her dead. Mac will do everything in his power to keep the feisty journalist alive and help her bring down the killer. And if they can stay alive long enough, he'll do whatever it takes to convince her they're meant to be together.

COVER ART: Jaxadora Design

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Kaylea Cross said...

That's so exciting! I think more and more authors are going to go this route. It gives all those great, unknown stories that didn't make it into NY a chance. Power to the people! Lol. Best of luck with your sales. Proud of you :)