Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Look!

Like the new header on the blog? It's courtesy of Jaxadora Design (she also did my cover for Killer Secrets) and I love it! I like the darker tones and think it perfectly conveys the suspense and paranormal aspects of my writing. I've also implemented the header into my website and tweaked my template so it all flows together. Since I'm officially working on edits for the first book in my trilogy (more news soon on the series title, etc. I promise!) I figured it was time to update my look to reflect all of my writing. What do you think?

And now I'm off to work on edits where I will be for probably the next few weeks. I'm warning ya'll in advance, I will be scarce here on the blog for a while because right after those edits, I have to work on more edits. Fun stuff! ;)


Diane said...

Good luck with the edits!

Wynter Daniels said...

Wow - I love that new header! Have fun with those edits.

Caryn said...

Oh, it looks wonderful! Good luck with edits. Hope they're relatively painless and that you're happy with them.