Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cover Love!

I've been meaning to post this for a couple weeks, but as you can imagine, having a little baby around definitely keeps me occupied. My fabulous editor gave me the go-ahead to post my cover for Alpha Instinct so here it is! I'm very happy with the outcome. I wasn't sure exactly what I was envisioning, but this is much better than anything I could have come up with. She looks exactly like I imagined Ana, my main character would look like (with the exception of the leather vest thing, lol). And see the tattoo on her arm? Before the art department had done anything my editor asked if I had any input on what I wanted the wolf to look like so I had my hubby sketch something and it looks like they used what he drew almost exactly. Very cool!

Later next week I'll have some more updates, but right now I'm trying to carve out some time to work on the 3rd book in this upcoming series. Since my little guy is sleeping I'm going to get back to writing, but I really wanted to share this awesomeness. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Jillian said...

Love it and so awesome that they used the tat you had the man draw.

Kaylea Cross said...

I didn't know that about the tat! So very cool! Now it means even more to you :)

I'm going to see if I can enlarge it so I can get a better look at it.

Diane said...

I love the cover and I've added the book to my wish list.
Good luck with Baby!

KC Burn said...

Woo hoo! What an awesome cover!

Tracy said...

LOVE it! Congrats - it's beautiful!