Sunday, August 14, 2011

Plagiarism is a Crime

Plagiarism is not a nameless, faceless crime. If you're on twitter or facebook you might have seen that the very talented author Cynthia Eden has been plagiarized on a scale that is disgusting. A person calling themselves Misconception76 posted Cynthia's entire book of Deadly Heat on a fan fiction site here. She changed the names of the characters, stating that she was using Bella and Edward from Twilight and wasn't intending any copyright infringement. Too bad she stole all of Cynthia Eden's work and posted it as her own. The entire story can be read here at Cynthia's blog. The thing that pisses me off the most is the thief's extra notes at the end of various chapters stating how much research she was doing and how hard she was working. Yeah, must have been real hard to copy and paste. Absolutely awful!

Luckily Cynthia has a lot of fans (myself being one) and someone alerted her to this issue. Hopefully this will be resolved soon and her publisher will take care of things!


Ashlyn Chase said...

If that person is inaware of it, she should be informed about how Nora Roberts sued her plagiarist and won!

Diane said...

I find this so disgusting; I hope Cynthia takes this to a great lawyer!
I love Cynthia's books!