Friday, September 2, 2011

Contest Updates and More

I can't believe it's September already! In fact, I *ahem* almost forgot to pay the rent because I was still deeply ensconced in August. The summer flew by at light speed this year, probably because of my new baby (who is changing every day!). My mom is arriving in town tonight because two months is too long to go w/out seeing her first grandchild ;) Even though we'll probably be house-bound because of all the torrential rains, I'm so excited to see her. Since this month crept up on me I figured it was way past time for some updates:

Starting next Tuesday (9/6) I'm going to be blogging two days out of the month with a bunch of other fantastic paranormal authors at the Darker Temptations blog. We'll be having a scavenger hunt with awesome prizes too so check the blog later today. I believe the post should be up soon.

On 9/7 I'll be at Desert Island Keepers and on 9/8 I'll be at Magical Musings guest blogging and giving away prizes!

I still don't have a cover for Destined Mate, my upcoming release with Harlequin Nocturne Cravings, but I do have a release date; October 1, 2011!

And finally, starting October 5 - 31, I'll be having guest authors every day of the month for my Monster Mash-Up party. More details will follow in the next couple weeks! Now I must get back to edits. Hope everyone has a fun, safe weekend :)

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Diane said...

Hi You have lots going on right now!