Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Little Cornish Magic

Cornwall clings to a few of its mysteries yet, and Kerrow clings more tightly than most. Here we find ourselves caught between Wesley and the old religion’s White Lady.”

So the Witch of Kerrow Gwenyth Killigrew explains to a skeptical Rafe Fleming in my latest regency-paranormal DANGEROUS MAGIC.

And she’s right.

Like Ireland, Wales, Brittany, and the highlands of Scotland, Cornwall held tight to its Celtic roots. It’s a landscape rife with mystery and magic. Birthplace of King Arthur. Home to ill-fated lovers Tristan and Isolde. Final resting place of the lost kingdom of Lyonesse. A place where legends spring thick as heath from the rocky cliffs and lonely moors.

In DANGEROUS MAGIC, the mystical aspect of Cornwall became embodied in a single character—Gwenyth Killigrew. A midwife by trade, she possesses the otherworldly gift of Sight. The power to see into the heart of a person and occasionally to glimpse the very future. Through her, I could indulge my infatuation with Celtic mythology and folklore, bringing in the horned god Cernunnos, Beltane bonfires. Heck, I even threw in a glimpse of Annwn, the land of the dead.

And I barely scratched the surface.

I never got to the piskies—mischievous, red-capped old men no bigger than an inch. Or the ugly, baby-stealing spriggans who could raise a terrifying whirlwind and guarded the treasures said to be buried beneath the county’s numerous burial mounds and dolmens. And not a single reference to the Knockers—gnome-like creatures inhabiting the mines of Cornwall.

But like all good faeries, they haunted me. Buzzing round the back of my brain waiting for their chance to make a little mischief.

They finally got their chance when I began writing my books about the Other, men and women bearing the blood and powers of the magical Fey. This is a world where faery and mortal are interconnected and where the striking landscape and the traditional legends blend to become a world both recognizable and extraordinary. There are Keun Marow, deadly creatures based loosely on the fearsome Wild Hunt. There are the beautiful powerful Fey who reside within their Summer Kingdom but whose visits to the mortal realm invariably signal big trouble. There are selkies and uirisc (a bit like piskies and yet not) a magical sword, and King Arthur himself even makes a cameo appearance.

Will Cornwall’s curious blend of familiar present with mystical past continue to inspire future books? Let’s just say my current project holds a few new paranormal surprises and they live in the remote corners of southwest England where anything can happen and in my books, usually does!

No tricks but some nice treats on offer today!! Leave me a comment and be entered to win your choice of my Carina e-book DANGEROUS MAGIC or a hard copy of the first book in my Heirs of Kilronan trilogy from Pocket, EARL OF DARKNESS. Either way, you get a little Halloween magic and a lot of great paranormal romance!

A writer of historical-paranormal romance, Alix Rickloff creates a compelling world of magic and enchantment set during the British Regency period. Her books have been described as “sexy and intense”, “exciting and spellbinding” and “a universe you won’t ever wish to leave”. You can visit her at, or


Diane said...

And I love paranormal romance; you have a blend in your books that attracts me! Congratulations.

Rashda Khan said...

Oh wow! I love paranormal stories & enjoy a good regency...never thought I'd find both in one book! Your story sounds yummy :D

Kudo for daring to create your own unique blend!

Katie Reus said...

Thanks so much for joining me today, Alix! You've got some seriously wonderful covers :)

Alix Rickloff said...

Thanks to Katie for inviting me here today.

I appreciate everyone taking a break from last-minute pumpkin carving and costume prep to stop by and chat on this Halloween eve.

Like you, Rashda, I've always loved both fantasies and historicals, so what could be better than blending them.

Wynter Daniels said...

I'm looking forward to reading Dangerous Magic! Sounds perfect for the season.

Alix Rickloff said...

Thanks, Wynter. I couldn't have been more surprised or pleased when I heard my release date would be Halloween. I mean what better timing for a book about a witch.

booklover0226 said...

Congratulations on your release, Alix. What a perfect day for it.

I'm adding Dangerous Magic to my must have list.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com