Friday, October 21, 2011

Made for Love

Appearances can be deceiving, especially in paranormal romance. What if people believed you were not human? Not to be trusted, and brought only to the earth plane for the pleasure of a master. How trustworthy would you be if, in all honesty, all you wanted to do was go home?

Demon, succubus—otherworld creatures brought to earth by magic, for lust or for power. If you mess up the spell that summons them to earth your life, your soul is in danger of being devoured. Get it right and you can trade sex for power. But is a succubus part of hell? Is it really a winged, horned red skinned devil straight from the pits? Not in my books.

Syn, once a high priestess of a temple in another reality is pulled to earth to feed the power requirements of an evil politician. There she is holy. Here she is demon.

The first part of this story is part of a new anthology, DEMON LOVERS, to release in December, 2011. I’m so excited! It’s the story of how Syn comes to earth and how she is set free.

Here’s the blurb for CALLING SYN:

Every job has its risks—but not many run the hazard where failure means being devoured body and soul. It’s Julien Black’s job to raise demons—he gets paid to summon them to meet with his underground employers. It’s not up to him what happens next, it’s not his deal.

But Julien’s never raised a succubus and he has no idea of the power the wily females have at hand. When the demon he’s called names herself as Syn, Priestess of the Temple of Lust, Julien knows he’s in trouble. He’s been sabotaged and Syn is about to escape. Julien must find a way to soothe her desires and save his soul, but staying in control isn’t easy when you’re with a succubus named Syn.

Part two, and a much longer book will be released separately n December and tells the story of Syn’s partnership with Julien Black, the magician that brought her to earth. Here’s a bit about CLAIMING SYN:

Magician Julien Black is tasked by the Miami magical council with bringing the demon priestess Syn under control—to capture her and send her back to her own plane of existence. It’s his responsibility since he brought her to earth in the first place. Having sex with the succubus was never part of the plan. Neither was falling in love.

Syn is out for revenge on mayoral candidate David Contreau. He tortured her and stole her power so that he could use it to control thousands of na├»ve voters. He’s dabbling in a black magic that could risk them all. Only through her sensual encounters with Julien can Syn reclaim the strength she needs to foil Contreau’s plans and return to her home on her own power.

But sex and control are issues that can never be separated, especially when Julien is forced to reveal his motives and risk what they are building together…

Hope you liked a glimpse into my new series. Comment and leave a contact email and I will be giving away a .PDF copy of the DEMON LOVERS anthology when it releases in December!


Alien Revealed – Book One of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2010

The Naked Truth – Book Two of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2011

Undercover Alliance – Book Three of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2012

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KC Burn said...

Ooh - looks like a cool story, Lilly. Love demons, and the sex demons are the most fun :) Congrats on the upcoming release!

Lilly Cain said...

Thanks KC! Yes, these stories have been a lot of fun. :)

Katie Reus said...

Thanks for joining my blog today, Lilly! I love the blurb for Claiming Syn! Sounds super hot :)

Lilly Cain said...

Thanks for having me Katie! Sorry it was so quiet. :)

I should have gone for something more naughty like KC!

If you are KC would like to have a digital copy of the Demon Lovers anthology when it comes out in December, You are both welcome to have one, just let me know at Lilly at