Friday, October 7, 2011

Tempted by Adele Dubois

Please welcome multi-published guest author Adele Dubois!


We don’t often get the chance in life to do things over. So when I had the opportunity to revise and expand a previously published novella for which I’d regained the rights, I jumped right in. Even though the book won a contest place and got outstanding reviews during its first printing, five additional years of author experience provided a fresh perspective to the story. I gave the book a hot new title and cover and set to work. I hope readers enjoy my shiny new paranormal erotic romance TEMPTED.

Would you be jealous if your significant other fantasized about sex with other partners? Why or why not? All opinions welcome. The reader who offers the reply I like best will win a free copy of my e-book DESERT WILD.

TEMPTED by Adele Dubois


Is sexual fantasy cheating? If so, Emily’s got a problem. Though she’s never been unfaithful to her husband in reality, she’s found a new hobby with 3D Mental Image Projection. In the privacy of her home, she indulges her secret desires on interactive TV. What else is a lonely woman of a certain age to do?

When Emily wins a weekend getaway to mystical Isle de Paradises, she swears she won’t stray. But temptation lures her at every turn. Desirable men want her and beautiful women pursue her. When Paradises’ youth-restoring powers crumble her resistance, Emily is faced with an irrevocable choice. Her decision will forever alter her life and the fate of her marriage.


“The champagne is invigorating, no?”

“It’s wonderful. Smooth as satin.” The champagne tasted ice cold on her tongue. Her nostrils flared as she swallowed. Goosebumps formed along the length of her arms. Her breasts began to ache.

“Specialty of the House. From your hosts at The Traveler Channel. It’s called Olympus Elixir.

“Nectar of the gods. I get it.” Emily smiled. She raised her glass. “Is this liquid science or magic?” She was only half-kidding. The elixir clearly had restorative properties. She hadn’t felt this good in years.

The host smiled down at her. “Science and magic are often seen as the same, no?”

Emily nodded. “So true.”

Two glasses of anything was usually her limit, but she could make an exception for this. A surge of energy roared through her bloodstream. The pulse on her neck quickened. The host glanced down at her again through half-open lids. The tip of his tongue touched the center of his delectable bottom lip and disappeared.

Emily swallowed more elixir and tried to keep her own tongue from hanging out like a hound dog. What was she doing flirting with this… baby? She was a married woman with a fine man at home.

I’m only looking, a voice whispered inside her head. No harm done.

Her conscience apparently needed a swift kick in the ass.

She took another taste of champagne. Her nipples positively throbbed. The vee between her legs pulsed in steady rhythms. Her hormones must be running rampant again. Emily sighed. Why fight it? Why not have teensy bits of fun? She’d worked all her life, raised her children and been a loyal wife for a quarter century. What was the harm of just… looking? Men did that and more every day without a second thought.

She turned to the window where the view was safe and drained the last of her drink. The clouds were bone white against the powder blue sky. There was nothing for her to do except relax and enjoy the scenery. No laundry. No food shopping. No errands to run. Just this delightful, indulgent flight and whatever awaited on Isle de Paradises.


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Anne said...

I think it would depend on how attainable the fantasy person would be. If it was true fantasy like an actress, no problem. My best friend or neighbor, big problem.

He also can obsess over it cause that would make me feel bad.

Adele Dubois said...


You make a good point. An unattainable actress or actor is a common fantasy. I've teased my husband about my crush on Brad Pitt, and he shrugs his shoulders. If I teased him about someone he knew, he'd be upset. I'd never want to hurt his feelings.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jacki C. said...

I like to think that I'm not the jealous type, but I know in my heart that if a woman so much as texted or emailed my husband, I'd reach through cyberspace and rip her heart out. :)

Katie Reus said...

Thanks for blogging with me today Adele! :)

Adele Dubois said...

Jacki--Tell us how you really feel. LOL. I'm with you. I'd be upset too.

Katie--Thanks so much for hosting me at your wonderful blog!


desitheblonde said...

well i dont think so he got women
sending him naked pic all the time and just says oh well i got him here so he not going to leave

Adele Dubois said...

Naked pics, Desi? Wow. Kudos to you for staying cool.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Saetana said...

No, I am not at all jealous if my husband fantasises about other women, its fantasy and we all need a little escapism within our own heads. In any event, sex and love are not one and the same, something men seem to understand well enough but many women struggle with. Jealousy is an incredibly destructive emotion and boils down to distrust of your partner and/or lack of self-confidence. A relationship without trust is no relationship at all and any harmless sexual fantasies your partner has about other women or men (whoever they are) should not affect your relationship, if it does then it is YOU who have the problem, not your partner.


Adele Dubois said...

Saetana--Wow, great comment! I agree with you that many women struggle with the difference between sex and love. My heroine, Emily, faces this head-on in my novella TEMPTED. It seems you understand her perfectly. She's a heroine we can empathize with.

There is still something to be said, however, for the unattainable fantasy vs. the attainable. I tend to agree with commentor #1 that knowing one's husband was fantasizing about a friend or neighbor might feel threatening, especially if he told you he was aroused by that person. Whether or not the fantasy was acted upon would be a whole different issue.

Do you agree?

Thanks for chatting with us!