Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why Djinns?

Please welcome fellow Nocturne Cravings author Mina Khan! Her upcoming release sounds amazing and she's got a fantastic post today!

Why Djinns? What are they? And how do you even pronounce the word?
Hi all! Thank you Katie for inviting me! I have the pleasure of bringing the djinn (pronounced “gin” like the liquor-Ha!) to Katie’s Monster Mash Up party! :)
Rukh O’Shay, the hero in my novella THE DJINN’S DILEMMA (coming Nov. 1 –heh, couldn’t resist), is a half djinn-half human assassin. Writing him came as easy as breathing since I grew up on my grandmother’s spine-tingling stories of djinns and ghosts. However, the djinns of my Bangladeshi childhood are not quite like Hollywood version of genies.
So what is my idea of a djinn?
“Djinn,” can also be spelled genie or jinn and basically refer to same thing. They are super-natural creatures made from “smokeless flames” with deep roots in Arabic mythology that preceded Islamic culture and spread far into Asia and Africa.
Djinns don’t always live in lamps, bottles or rings (at least not by choice). The word “djinn” derives from a Arabic root word meaning “hidden” and they live in a parallel hidden dimension. Even though they live separate from humans, their lives are eerily similar. Djinn’s can be good or bad, they can fall in love and seek vengeance, they can build cities and have children. They have their own language. According to stories, djinns feel emotions more deeply than humans. 

They also live longer than humans and have supernatural powers, like shape-shifting, traveling through dimensions and solid walls, possessing humans, controlling the elements and granting wishes.
In other words, you don’t want to get on their wrong side. 

My sexy assassin Rukh, who embodies all the dangerous and mysterious aspects of the djinn, falls hard and deep in love with his target, Jasmine White a Texas journalist. He pulls out every djinn power and trick he has in a race against time and mysterious bad guys to keep her alive.

What are some of Rukh’s tricks? He controls air and melts into shadows (he pops into the shower with the heroine –a delicious scene), he can read people’s minds (except Jasmine’s and there’s a cool reason why) and he is a mind-blowing kisser!

So what type of childhood stories did you grow up on? Everyone who leaves a comment, will get a cool postcard! So make sure you leave a way for me to get hold of you (twitter or email). Thanks for visiting with me :)

Mina Khan Bio: Mina Khan is a Texas-based writer and food enthusiast. She daydreams of hunky paranormal heroes, magic, mayhem and mischief and writes them down as stories. Between stories, she teaches culinary classes and writes for her local newspaper. Other than that, she's raising a family of two children, two cats, two dogs and a husband.

THE DJINN’S DILEMMA will be available Nov. 1 from Harlequin Nocturne’s Cravings line. You can find her on facebook, her website or on twitter @SpiceBites


Lexi said...

This is so cool, Mina. I LOVE stories with supernatural elements and I've always loved stories of the jin!

harshadpassion said...

That's pretty neat, Mina. I never thought of just how easy it would be for a djinn to get in where he wanted to go. :) Good luck with the book!


Carla Swafford said...

Most of my stories were the whitewashed Grimms' fairy tales. So nothing really scary, but considering my imagination, that's a good thing. I was scared of monsters in the shadows, beneath beds and in closets. Sure didn't need anymore to worry about.

I have a feeling the djinns in your story I'll like a lot and can't wait to read it.

Rashda Khan said...

Thanks y'all for visiting & your kind words :)

So nice of Katie to invite me!

Victoria Dixon said...

I'm really looking forward to this book, Mina. Katie's comment about your shower scene reminds me of some of Anne Rice's more deliciously sensuous stuff from her Lasher series.

Favorite stories included the story about Felada the talking horse, Billy Beg and his Bull and the Golden Fish. I have a soft spot for stories about faithful pets/animals. LOL

Katie Reus said...

Welcome to my blog Mina! I've never read a story about Djinn and yours is definitely on my to be bought list. The only Djinn story I saw was on an episode of Supernatural and they were pretty scary b/c of the illusion of alternate reality they could create. Really looking forward to your take on them :)

Rashda Khan said...

Hi Vic,

Loyal animal stories are endearing and fun, growing up my favorite TV show was Lassie! :)

Now that I'm big a girl I like werewolves & dragons, oh my! :D

Rashda Khan said...

Lol, you'll have to tell me what you think of my djinn ;)

Actually, living in W. TX, I often have to explain djinns to people. Hmm, maybe they'll be as popular as vampires one day. *grin* A girl can hope!

So nice to visit on your all the droolworthy covers!