Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Updates - Guest Blogging + Sales News!

Is anyone else completely stoked that it's Friday? This week has been looooooonnnggg! The hubs was out of town (but thankfully he's back today!) so it was just me and the baby all week and let me tell you, now that he's discovered his walker, this kid is freaking mobile. We have hardwood floors so he just books it all over the house. It's like he's created this little racetrack path and he's so having fun with it. And I must admit it's been fun watching him. He's got this permanent smile on his face. Unfortunately that means I've got to get serious about baby-proofing the house this weekend! I've already had to start putting the trash can in the kitchen out of his reach because he thinks it's fun to pop off the lid and dig through it ;)

Blog tour stops: First, I'm guest blogging at the Long & Short Reviews, here today. Tomorrow I'll be at Good Choice Reading!

Okay, updates updates!! Since my contracts have been sent off I can officially announce that I've contracted with Harlequin to write 3 more novellas for their Nocturne Cravings line! I had so much fun writing the first two (Destined Mate & Protector's Mate) so the chance to write three more is awesome! It's so cool to be writing for Harlequin and I'm very excited they want more from me! As soon as I can, I'll post more updates on what the stories will be about. But, I will say to expect some new paranormal beings. It's not just going to be wolves and vampires this time!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Kaylea Cross said...

So awesome!!! You're on fire, woman. Keep it up :)

Victoria said...

Congratulations! You're going to be busy :).