Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My little one has decided that sleeping the night through is overrated so…I figured now was a great time for some updates! Currently I’m busy working on page proofs for Primal Possession. It amazes me that after so many different sets of eyes have looked at this manuscript that we still missed small things. And it’s not necessarily typos. For example, there’s a scene where December is eating out of a bowl and then a few paragraphs later she looks down at her ‘plate’. This is why there are different sets of edits, to get everything as perfect as possible. It’s been a while since I’ve read the story so I’m enjoying looking at it with fresh eyes.

I’m falling in love with Liam and December again (okay, I never stopped loving them!). They’re such a great couple and I can’t wait until their story is out. I also just received edits for book #3 in the Moon Shifter series so I’m working on those too. And, since some of you have asked I’m also working on Grant’s story (Porter’s brother from No One to Trust). It’s mostly plotted and I’ve finished the first chapter. So far I love what’s developing. I’ll post more details on my website and here when I have them. Until I’ve finished with page proofs and edits the story will be taking a backseat.

In other news my little one is now walking. Nine months is early but I was an early walker so it wasn’t completely unexpected. Of course we’ve only baby-proofed half the house but we’ve put up gates until we can complete the rest. :)

What I’ve been reading lately: The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley and She Can Run by Melinda Leigh. I also finished listening to And One Last Thing by Molly Harper and loved it. Ironically I’d held off on downloading it and even contemplated not buying it at all because I was afraid it would be too different from her paranormal stuff. Nope. Still hilarious and it’s one of my favorite books by her. How to Flirt With a Naked Werewolf will likely always be my favorite book of hers but this one takes a close second. And now I've read everything by her and am desperately waiting for her next release which I think is this summer :)

So, what has everyone else been reading?


Diane said...

My son was walking by nine months too though my daughter held off till 12 months. So different!!!
I finished The Witness by Nora Roberts, it was great!!! And now I'm in the last pages of Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick also a very good book.

Katie Reus said...

Yeah, it's funny how different kids can be, Diane :) I love Nora Roberts so I'll have to check it out. Never read Amanda Quick but I always hear good things so I'll need to look her up!