Sunday, July 15, 2012

#sixsunday Nikan Doesn't Share - #loversinstinct

Happy Sunday! Lover's Instinct is releasing in a little over three weeks so I hope you enjoy this snippet for Six Sentence Sunday:
Two vampires were sandwiching a female on the dance floor, dancing, groping, and before long he had no doubt they’d be in one of the private booths.

“You like that?” he asked quietly.

She didn’t answer, but he scented a trickle of lust rolling off her as she watched, almost entranced. It was an erotic sight and one he appreciated too, but something sharp jumped inside him at the thought of another male touching, or worse, sharing her. “I don’t share.”

Her head snapped up, her eyes slightly narrowed as she looked at him and said, “Neither do I.”


Diane said...

Very nice snippet!

Katie Reus said...

Thanks, Diane! :)