Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dark Protector & A Mate for Christmas giveaways on Goodreads!

Hello my lovelies! I've got two giveaways live on Goodreads right now. These are the FINAL two books in the Moon Shifter Series. Dark Protector is releasing on November 15 and A Mate for Christmas on December 1st. Check out the giveaways while they're still open:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Dark Protector by Katie Reus

Dark Protector

by Katie Reus

Giveaway ends November 15, 2016.
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Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Mate for Christmas by Katie Reus

A Mate for Christmas

by Katie Reus

Giveaway ends December 01, 2016.
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dangerous Protector giveaway on Goodreads

For my US readers, there's an open giveaway on Goodreads for an autographed copy of Dangerous Protector for one entrant! Giveaway ends on October 16, 2016 so enter now:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Dangerous Protector by Katie Reus

Dangerous Protector

by Katie Reus

Giveaway ends October 16, 2016.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Booked up in Berlin tickets on sale now!

It’s officially live, Booked up in Berlin tickets for #RARE17 are on sale! Meet 70+ International Best Selling Romance authors from around the world in one room! I might be going as an author but I’m also going as a reader and there are so many authors I can’t wait to meet (and get my own books signed, lol)! Hope to see you there! Find the link to buy tickets HERE.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Booked up in Berlin for #RARE17!

I’m Booked up In Berlin on June 17, 2017 for #RARE17! Are you? Tickets go on sale on September 3rd! I’m so excited about this event and hope to see you guys there!

For more info on RARE events & how to register, check out their social media pages:

Facebook Event page 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dangerous Protector - Newest release!

My newest Red Stone Security book is out in the wild this month with Dangerous Protector...

* * * * *

She thought she was finally safe…

After two years of running Tegan O’Kelly could finally stop when the deadly gangster after her died. Eight months ago she put down roots in sunny Miami. For the first time in years she has friends, a job she likes and she can think about the future, not just surviving to the next day. When her car is bombed in broad daylight, she decides to stand her ground instead of running from her faceless enemy.

But a deadly enemy has her in his crosshairs…

Single father Aaron Fitzpatrick knew Tegan was trouble from the moment he laid eyes on her. Sexy trouble wrapped up in a petite, dynamite package he fantasizes about kissing far too often. So far he’s been able to keep his distance, but when he witnesses her car explode—with her close by—something protective erupts inside him. After his wife left him and their son five years ago, he’s stayed away from relationships and women, but he can’t keep his distance from Tegan. It’s clear she’s in danger and the more he learns about her, the more he knows he has to stand beside her and fight the danger hunting her.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Newest Red Stone Security book is out

NEW RELEASE - Love Thy Enemy is out! This is the latest book in my Red Stone Security series but it can be read as a stand-alone (as all books in the series).

She refuses to trust him.

Red Stone Security employee Dominique Castle knows all too well that there are people in this world she just can’t trust. After losing both her parents, Dominique keeps her distance from anyone tied to her past—especially the man she’s hated for years. And Viktor Ivanov isn’t going to change her mind about who he really is—no matter how determined the infuriatingly sexy Russian is.

He’s determined to win her over.

She may hate him and not trust him, but Viktor is determined to crack through Dominique’s icy exterior one way or another—even if it means taking the game into his own hands. With a past like Viktor’s, he’s made more than a few enemies along the way—enemies who’ll stop at nothing to take him down. When Viktor realizes Dominique’s life is in danger because of him, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her—whether she likes it or not.  Now it’s up to Dominique to trust the one man who’s linked to the agony of her past.  Can she find a way to love the enemy she always loathed?

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He texted his driver as he headed toward the art center and away from whatever commotion had just happened. It was fairly late for a meeting, but there was a piece of property he’d had his eye on and the real estate agent couldn’t show it until tonight.

The art center was silent as he stepped inside, his shoes almost completely noiseless as he headed down a long hallway that would exit onto a quiet side street. Instead of parking in the main garage attached to the convention center he’d had his driver drop him off. It made things easier when he wanted to leave. No traffic to deal with.

There were a few staff from the Celebration of Chefs and probably from the art center itself along the hallway, acting as ‘security’ so people wouldn’t wander into closed display areas they weren’t allowed in. But everyone was silent as he passed, simply smiling politely and nodding.

When he pushed open one of the glass double doors at the end of the long hallway, the salt-tinged, slightly humid Miami night air rolled over him. The heat of summer could be sweltering during the day but at night it was more than bearable, especially with the breezes.

Not that he cared about any of that when he spotted the tall, sexy Dominique talking quietly to a man around her height. At least with her heels they were the same height. They were standing near a built-in bench along the sidewalk next to a cluster of palm trees. Even though it was evening there were enough lights around the center, including one nestled in the palm trees, to illuminate her perfectly.

When she shifted her feet he realized there was another woman next to the man. A petite brunette with Mediterranean coloring who was tucked up against him, her arm wrapped around his waist. They were all murmuring quietly.

The goddess had her back to him, showing off the sweet curve of her ass and her toned calves. It was like she’d walked out of his fantasies. Her long, blonde hair cascaded down her back in big waves and he wondered what it would be like to run his fingers through them. To wrap his fingers around a thick section and hold her head back, nibble along her neck and jaw before he claimed her mouth.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Beautiful women in Miami were a dime a dozen, but she was…stunning. There was no other word for her. Something about her poise and confidence called to him. The way she walked and moved was like…a goddess. Like she didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought about her.

As if she sensed him watching, she turned around. Her dark eyes widened, then just as quickly narrowed in clear anger.

At him.

He stilled, watching her carefully. Her reaction to him was unexpected. They’d never met. That much he was sure of. He didn’t date. And she was someone he’d never be able to forget.

Her jaw clenched as she watched him for a long moment, the anger there so clear, so potent, he felt it like a body blow.

She broke eye contact first, turning away from him, her body language changing in an instant. Her back was ramrod straight and he could practically feel the tension rolling off her.

Frowning, he headed in the other direction to where he knew his driver was waiting, but he kept her in his peripheral vision.

Only once he was inside the back of the armored vehicle did he text his half-brother. Find out who the blonde is. Her name is Dominique. I want everything you can dig up.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Secret Obsession is out

The latest Red Stone Security book has released! Secret Obsession can be read as a stand-alone (as all books in the RSS series) so if you’re new to this world, you can pick up any book, in any order.

He’s the security she’s always needed.

Since she moved to Miami, Raegan Taylor has desired Ford Burke–a sexy and rugged cop. He’s everything she’s ever wanted.  Unfortunately for Raegan, Ford’s kept his distance.  But when a night out goes extremely wrong, his protective instincts kick into high gear, and he finds himself fighting for her in more ways than one.

She’s exactly what he was trying to avoid.

Once Raegan and Ford grow closer, the harder they start to fall for each other.  But Ford’s past stirs up feelings he just can’t control, threatening to destroy everything they’ve worked for.  And when he screws up, he may lose more than just his one shot with her.

And now someone’s ready to ruin it all.

Someone wants Raegan—and if he can’t have her—nobody can.  He’s waiting.  He’s watching.  He’s lurking.  Ready to strike. He’ll make her his.  He’ll take down anyone who gets in his way—even a cop.