Friday, December 20, 2019

2019 End of the Year Recap

Once again I was a bit of a slacker with monthly updates so I’m going to recap 2019 now instead! It’s hard to believe 2019 is almost over, and looking back I don’t know where the year went.

This year I wrapped up my Redemption Harbor series with Chasing Vengeance AND I kicked off my Endgame trilogy with Bishop’s Knight. These have been two of my favorite series to date and I’m so glad you guys are enjoying them. Below I’m listing each book along with each release month in case you missed something. I hit the USA Today bestseller list three times this year (I think!) and had some of books translated into French so keep reading for a list of those books as well.

Covert Games – January 2019
Jaguar’s Mate – February 2019
Chasing Vengeance – April 2019
Darkness Rising – June 2019
Bishop’s Knight – July 2019
Dark Memento – September 2019
Bishop’s Queen – October 2019
Chosen Mate – November 2019

Books translated into French: my O’Connor family series and Sin City Series (the Serafina). I’m also in the process of having my Endgame trilogy translated and as of right now only Bishop’s Knight is available. But the others will be coming soon.

La Trilogie Bishop

Échec double
Échec et mat

Some of my books also finaled or took first place in some contests which is always such an awesome feeling.

* Hunting Danger is a finalist in the HOLT Medallion contest (romantic suspense)
* Hunting Danger took second place in the RWA NYC When Sparks Fly contest
* Guardian of Darkness is a finalist in FCRW’s National Excellence in Romance contest
* Guardian of Darkness placed third in the Georgia RWA Maggie contest (paranormal)
* Guardian of Darkness is a finalist in FF&P’s Prism Contest (paranormal)
* Guardian of Darkness is a finalist in The Beverly contest (paranormal)
* Guardian of Darkness is the winner in the RWA NYC When Sparks Fly contest (paranormal)
* Sentinel of Darkness is the winner in The Beverly contest (novella)
* Sentinel of Darkness is the winner in FF&P’s Prism Contest (novella)
* Sentinel of Darkness placed first in OCC RWA Book Buyers Best contest
* Wolf’s Mate is a finalist in FF&P’s Prism Contest (novella)

Just like 2018 it seems as if 2019 was just as busy! I’m incredibly grateful for such another wonderful professional year. Thank you all for reading my books and talking about them! I hope 2020 will be another year filled with books! I’ve already got two books scheduled but be on the lookout for more. If you want release updates make sure to check out the COMING SOON section on my website.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Bishop's Knight releasing July 16th

You might have seen this announcement, but I’m very happy to share with you the launch to my new Endgame trilogy this in just a few weeks! Bishop's Knight is out on July 16, Bishop's Queen in October and Bishop's Endgame... either January or February 2020 so be on the lookout for more details. Until then... check out the details for the first book:
Read BISHOP’S KNIGHT, the first novel in this ALL NEW heart-pounding Endgame trilogy!
She needs his help…
Thanks to years of government training, Evie Bishop knows how to get into places she doesn’t belong—and she’s very good at it. But years of doing black ops work burned her out so she returns home—to unexpected chaos. One of her brothers is in a coma and the other is in hiding, wanted for murder. Then a fellow operative from her past shows up shot and bleeding with news that an assassin is gunning for everyone involved with a past op. She’s forced to turn to the one man she knows she can trust—the man whose heart she broke.
But it will come with a price…
When Dylan Blackwood proposed a year ago, Evie turned him down flat and walked out of his life. He’s stunned when he finds her on his doorstep covered in someone else’s blood, needing his help. He always knew there was more to her than met the eye—that Evie was never simply the pampered society princess she wanted people to believe she was. But he never expected this. If she needs help, he’ll give it. Even if he can’t forget her betrayal. Even if he isn’t sure he can trust her. But his protection will come with a price—her heart. Before they can have a chance at a future, they’ll have to work together to take down a faceless enemy who has Evie firmly in his crosshairs.

Find Bishop's Knight here:

Friday, December 28, 2018

End of the year recap!

I can't believe the end of 2018 is so close! I thought I'd do a little recap of my releases and other fun things.
  • In January I released the third book in my relatively new Redemption Harbor series. Dangerous Witness launched January off right when it hit the USA Today bestsellers list (thank you guys!).
  • March release - Guardian of Darkness, a book I'd had on the back burner for a year and am so excited found it's way into your hands!
  • May release - Innocent Target (Redemption Harbor, #4), also a USA Today bestseller!
  • July release - Wolf's Mate, a fun little novella in my Crescent Moon series
  • September release - Hunting Danger (Redemption Harbor, #5), USA Today bestseller!
  • October release - Sentinel of Darkness, a novella in my Darkness series
  • November release - A Very Dragon Christmas, a novella written specially for readers of the Darkness  series (cannot be read as a stand-alone). 

O'Connor Family series collection - this isn't a new release but a compilation of my O'Connor family novellas. Since it hit the USA Today bestsellers list in 2018 I wanted to give it a little shout out as well. I absolutely love this world where it's Christmas year round so if you love the holidays too, this collection is for you.

Resurrection (Redemption Harbor, #1 which released in 2017) also had a great year as far as finaling and winning different contests. Finaling in contests is always fun but for this book it means so much to me. I took a risk in releasing this series on my own and with the type of heroine as the lead (if you've read Skye, you'll know what a badass she is). So the fact that she's so well-received means even more!

· placed third in the New England Reader’s Choice Contest (romantic suspense category)
· is a finalist in the HOLT Medallion contest (romantic suspense)
· is a finalist in the National Readers’ Choice Awards (romantic suspense)
· is a finalist in the Georgia RWA Maggie contest (rom suspense)
· is a finalist in the RWA NYC’s When Sparks Fly contest
· is a winner in the Book Buyer’s Best Contest (OCC Chapter)

As you can see, 2018 was quite a busy year for me professionally (ha, and personally) and I'd like to thank you guys for such a great year. Though thank you doesn't seem like enough! I've already got 2 books completed for 2019 and 3 more on top of that scheduled so you can look forward to more books from me soon. (I'll post those updates soon as well).

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hunting Danger is live

The fifth book in my Redemption Harbor series is finally here! I'm so excited about HUNTING DANGER, too! I hope you guys love Gage and Nova's story as much as me.

The one woman he wants…

When a childhood friend needs help, Nova doesn’t hesitate. They endured the foster system together, forging a bond Nova can’t ignore. Relying on her friends from Redemption Harbor Consulting—including Gage, the computer genius she’s falling for—is out of the question. She used to work for the CIA and she’s trained—she can handle this. Besides, the whole team is working on their own important jobs. She’s not going to drag anyone away when she’s not sure it’s necessary.

Is the one he can’t have…

When Nova asks for time off out of the blue—and use of the company jet—former Marine Gage takes note. Of course, he notices everything about Nova. But as one of her bosses, his growing attraction to her is a line he won’t cross. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll let her run straight into danger—and a quick hack of her computer proves she’s gotten in over her head. Gage is coming along for the ride, whether the sassy assistant likes it or not. He’ll do whatever’s necessary to save her friend…and keep Nova out of the clutches of a lethal enemy who won’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Find here:
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Barnes & Noble Nook

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Wolf's Mate is now live!

All new novella Wolf's Mate is out! Though part of the Crescent Moon series, it can be read as a stand-alone.

She wasn’t supposed to fall for him.

Erica’s time away from her pack was just supposed to be fun. Then she met Hudson. Instead of the no-strings attached fling, she ended up falling for him. But they’d promised each other that they’d keep things casual. Instead of risking her heart, she ran. Now she’s pregnant—and he’s determined to claim her. But the last thing she wants is to be an obligation to him.

Now she’s pregnant.

Erica could never be a duty to Hudson, but for some reason that’s what she thinks she is. He tried to go slow, to give her space—so he wouldn’t scare her off. Now he realizes that was a mistake. It’s time for this wolf to claim his mate. Unfortunately a neighboring pack is stirring up trouble for his pack, and his she-wolf is determined to keep walls between them. Walls he intends to bring down once and for all.

Retailer info:
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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Innocent Target is out!

ICYMI, Innocent Target is officially live AND hit the USA Today Bestseller's list during release week! I had so much fun writing this story and absolutely love these characters. I hope you do as well.
He wasn’t supposed to fall for her…
She was a target. A contract that came across his desk by mistake. Axel was simply going to warn her that she was in danger and get out. Then he got a taste of her and fell hard. But they’re from two different worlds. Not only is she innocent, she’s out of his league. He should keep his distance, but he can’t. Not when someone wants her dead. Now he’s driven to protect her, to keep her safe.
What happens when she discovers who he really is? 
Hadley moved to Redemption Harbor for vet school and to be closer to her new family. Now that her billionaire father knows about her existence, her life has changed drastically. She just never imagined that she might be targeted because of her family. And she definitely never imagined she would fall for the one man she should never want. A man who kills for a living. A man who’s obsessed with her. A man who will do anything to protect her from the danger lurking in the shadows.

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