Saturday, July 20, 2024

Ancient Protector giveaway on Goodreads


For my US readers, we're giving away 5 autographed copies of the newly branded Ancient Protector on Goodreads! Open through August 5th!

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Mating Instinct Audiobook

 Get ready for an all new audiobook in the Moon Shifter series,
narrated by Meg Sylvan!

She left because he couldn’t love her the way she needed…

Human Kat Saburova had her heart broken by the Shifter Council’s ruthless enforcer. So she left and never looked back. A year later, an attack that nearly kills her brings him back into her orbit—but she wants nothing to do with him.

Now he’ll do anything to save her…

Shifter Jayce Kazan has made countless enemies, but for a short time he found peace with a sweet, funny human. Though it tore his heart out, he let her go for her own good. But someone tried to kill her and inadvertently turned her into a shifter. And now that she’s in danger, he’ll cross every line to save her. Even if that means saving her from herself. As he fights for a second chance, the extremists who almost killed her once are looking to finish the job…


Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Falling for Nola


They started off on the wrong foot…

When Nola’s fire fighter neighbor wakes her up for the third night in a row with his loud motorcycle, she has some choice words for him.

Once they clear the air, sparks fly between them…

Kayce falls for his neighbor from the first moment she yells at him. And he’s not alone in his attraction, but since they’re neighbors, she’s worried about the fallout if they part ways. Only he wonders why she thinks they’d ever break up…

Author note: this is a short and sweet novella I wrote for the Read Me Romance podcast set in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans.

EBOOK release date: July 16, 2024


Thursday, June 13, 2024

Fighting for Magnolia


Fighting for Magnolia is up for pre-order and since I'm officially over the halfway point, I can say these two are bringing the emotions. I love a good second chance romance and a hero who doesn't think an HEA is for him. That makes the ending so much sweeter.



Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Fighting for Adalyn is out in the wild!

Guess what time it is? New book time! Just in time for summer, dive into this action-packed enemies to lovers romance... FIGHTING FOR ADALYN is out!


Monday, May 13, 2024

Dark Protector 99 cent sale


 LIMITED TIME BOOK SALE! Dark Protector is 99 cents for a very short time!


He walked away once; he won't do it again.


Wolf shifter Aldric Kazan is no stranger to pain.  Since the loss of his mate a century ago, he won't allow himself to fall for someone again—not even the feisty female who stirs things in him that he thought were gone long ago.  But as a supernatural investigator, he's forced to team up with the same woman he vowed to stay away from.


She let him in once; she refuses to do it again.


Natalia Cordona refuses to back down from any challenge—even if it means joining forces with Aldric, the sexy and brooding man who won't get too close. Locating missing vampires before a volatile war breaks out seems nearly impossible as the duo struggle with their explosive and undeniable attraction. Now it's up to Natalia and Aldric to trust each other to stop an all-out war from breaking out that would destroy the harmony they've all worked so hard for.